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These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #5
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  Franc Van Oort

Franc at Work

"Franc at Work"

Franc employs traditional European techniques of printmaking to describe a rural Ontario landscape. His meticulous drawings are etched into copper plates, then hand printed in limited small editions. He will be demonstrating throughout the weekend.

613 267 7365
email: fvanoort@storm.ca
website: francvanoort.com


  Karen Phillips Curran
Winter Light

Winter Light

Karen is a realist of a sort.

I work in a variety of paint mediums,  creating local landscapes, meditative shorelines, sun drenched, iconic architecturals. My unique slant on alternative photography, explores a variety of  subjects.
As a maturing artist, the breadth of my experience is life hard won. My range of scale is monumental, from a 60 foot canvas drop to a miniature pastel or watercolour. Theatre set painting is a passion. Its collaborative necessity, encourages an exterior range of thought and experience. I adore the audiences' suspension of disbelief.

Light, texture, colour and composition are what's important to me in my painting. What else is there….A sense of pause, and a gestural quality to my work attends the viewers' senses. I speak from a naive point of view, adoring the subject. Texture is a recurrent in  my work, light is indelible and colour is natural.

My world is real and imagined, my subject ranges from day to day experiences, that I interpret them as an artist. I am the common thread in my work, my life, my vision, my response; however oblique.



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