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These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #4
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  Zoe Lianga
Felt Maker & Designer
Zoe Lianga Zoe creates truly unique pieces by incorporating luxury wools with recycled silk and lace. She recently discovered felting while on a trip to New Zealand, where she learned from various artists over the year she spent cycling all over the country. Her work ranges from wearable art, and functional garments, to accessories and home decor. Having a background in fashion design has given her a foundation to build her art into something practical yet creative. The natural merino and alpaca wools she uses are beautiful against the skin, and the designs very sophisticated. Her love for colour, texture, and patterns appear through her use of recycled silks and lace, as well as various plant based dyes. However, much of her work leaves true the natural colour of the animalsÕ fleece. No two pieces can be made alike and every new project brings a fresh sense of excitement. It is a very organic and rewarding process, turning raw wool fibres into pieces of art.

613 464 2105



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