1155 Brooke Valley Rd
These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #3
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  Anne Chambers

Jug and Cups

Jug and Cups

Anne produces functional pottery for everyday use and special occasions glazed in colours reflecting her new rural environment.

Working in porcelain for over 25 years, what is most important to her in her work is the feeling a piece expresses, through its form, colour and energy.

Anne finds the intrinsic beauty of porcelain suits her functional forms. The translucency, whiteness and surface qualities of porcelain complement her elegant pieces.

An active participant in the craft community Anne has volunteered many years for both The Ottawa Guild of Potters and FUSION: the Ontario Clay and Glass Association serving as President on both boards. A strong believer in mentoring, Anne has presented many throwing and glazing workshops to pottery guilds around the province as well as teaching classes and mentoring from her studio.

In March 2011, Anne received the MERA Award for Excellence in Fine Arts and Fine Crafts. Also in 2008 Anne was presented with the prestigious Ontario Craft Council's lifetime achievement John Mather Award in recognition of her contribution and support of craft in Ontario.

1155 Brooke Valley Road,
RR#4 Perth, ON.
K7H 3C6


  Scott Dobson
Garden Elements
Wooden Whimsy
Wooden Whimsy
For over a decade Scott Dobson has been creating much sought after and very unique fencing as well as functional and sculptural garden elements that blend Lanark local history and a sense of the vernacular with free spirited form, natural beauty and an eye for the unusual. He is one of a dwindling number of master fence builders in Lanark County and specializes in reproducing historical fencing styles using century old cedar rail and local stone.
email: scottdobson@live.com
613 284 2171

  Shelley Ball
44th Parallel Photography
- Photography for the environment - 

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Shelley is a professional biologist, photographer and educator who uses her camera to capture the incredible biodiversity of earth's natural environments. She often uses more creative approaches and techniques to making images so that they go beyond the limits of documentary photography. The goal of her image-making is to communicate the beauty, fragility, and value of earth's natural environments and the species in them - to connect people with nature and inspire them to appreciate and preserve it. With her landscape images, she tries to create a mood and sense of place that makes the viewer feel like they were standing in the scene themselves. Most of the creative effects she uses are done in- camera. She produces giclee prints of her images and especially likes printing on canvas, which gives the images texture and depth. Shelley has been part of several group exhibitions in New Zealand, where she lived for 5 years. Most of her images are of local nature and landscapes, but she also has photographed other incredible places such northern Canada and New Zealand. Recently, she has begun using her images for education and communicating environmental issue. Visual storytelling is an important aspect of this that she has been developing through her environmental education program, which teaches kids the tools of photography and videography, to create their own visual stories about the environment.

Email: shell@photo44.net

  Nat Capitanio

Sleeping Tiger

Sleeping Tiger

Born in Cassino, Italy, in 1954, he immigrated to Canada with his family when he was 3 years old. At an early age and through high school, he showed an interest in art, especially drawing. After high school, he decided to concentrate on art studies and enrolled in the 3 year intensive arts course at Central Technical School in Toronto. This course stressed art history, illustration, design, printmaking, ceramics, painting, with an emphasis on life drawing. Since completing this course, he has consistently been attending life drawing classes and working with various media and subject matter: figure drawing, still lifes, landscape, portraiture, in pastel, oils and acrylics.

He has always been fascinated with the beauty of nature. In 2008, he moved to the Lanark Highlands region, which he finds truly inspiring and where he has established his own studio. While he continues his life studies, he endeavours to concentrate more on interpreting the local landscape and its beauty. He usually works from photo references to achieve a realistic style, but he intends to focus more on location painting producing results which are looser and more spontaneous.



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