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These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #2
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  Catherine Orfald

Martindale Pond from Royal Henley Blvd

Martindale Pond from Royal Henley Blvd

Catherine's paintings focus on the natural environment that inspires her: plants, animals, landscapes, and people. Catherine paints in oil on canvas and also with encaustic. Samples of her portraits will be exhibited and commissions are available.

Catherine has a fine arts education and is a painter as well as creating other artwork, including a hologram and installation pieces. Her artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and Mexico. Highlights include a hologram called Mother of Songs... in Hololocalization at Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto; autARKy installation in A Life of Its Own at El Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City; and portraits in Cameron Culture, Gallery 101, Ottawa

For more information, see  www.orfald.ca

  Wayne Williams
Original paintings

Coat of Many Colours
"Coat of Many Colours"
20" x 24", mixed media

Wayne Williams incorporates colourful places and people into his art in order to capture life in the moment. His paintings are unique, mixed media creations on canvas, often using both acrylic and watercolour paint and sometimes collage. As well as travel scenes, florals and scenes of people in action, Wayne paints scenes from in and around the picturesque town of Perth. His paintings are in private collections in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Russia.


613 267 3835
e-mail: info@waynewilliams.ca

  Stephen Clark

Skillfully created jewellery ranging from elaborate brooches and exotic engagement rings to pendants and simple earrings


613 267 4614


  John Hugh Craig
Wildlife and Nature Photography

John Hugh Craig


After being ill for several years and receiving a lifesaving liver transplant, John has a new perspective on life and a renewed appreciation for wildlife, nature and the outdoors.  John Hugh Craig is a photographer with over 30 years of experience.  He specializes in wildlife and nature fine art photography.  He lives and works in the rural North Gower area, south of Ottawa, Canada.  Primarily self-taught with hundreds of thousands of photographs taken, he has also had some professional training including in-class, online and video training.
John enjoys capturing wildlife and nature at its finest in the outdoors and wilderness areas.  John spends countless hours observing the animals he photographs.   He gains their trust, which enables him to get close up photographs of the animals in their natural habitat.  He enjoys his time in the wilderness and tries to catch that enjoyment in his photographs.
These days you may find him travelling the Rideau River capturing the local wildlife in his photos or hiking through the wooded areas through Ontario and Quebec, in order to photograph nature at its finest.  John considers himself a successful artist if his photographs enrich your life by bringing the outdoors into the indoors, while bringing happiness and warmth to your home, business or corporate environment.
You can see John's portfolio at his website http://www.jhcphoto.ca or contact him at john@jhcphoto.ca.


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