Photo Gallery

We hope that this Photo Gallery will give some insight into our work methods and commitment to the craft we all need to maintain a lifestyle of being professional artists and artisans. One of our members has offered his time to photograph a typical work process of members of the tour at work in their studios. This is an ongoing project and will be updated as time and resources permit so check back to see what's new.

"As the photographer, it has been my privilege to visit studios housed in buildings of charm and character, at one with the surrounding countryside, and equipped with tools and machinery that, in many cases, would have been familiar to craftsmen of a century and more ago. I have been deeply impressed by the skills, ingenuity and patience of my colleagues. They produce their work with grace, fluency and a deceptive ease that comes from a lifetime of study and practice. Enjoy the pictures, and please come out to meet us in person this coming Thanksgiving.
Sincerely, David Ambrose."

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Franc Van Oort
Studio 5
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Dunn Sohn
Woodturner, Furniture Maker
Studio 1
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Rita Redner
Studio 4
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Catherine Orfald
Sabbatical year
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Susie Osler
Studio 2
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Brent Kirham
Studio 6
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